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FSW, English

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Migrant, English

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FSW, Hindi

IDU, Hindi

MSM, Hindi

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FSW, Bengali

IDU, Bengali

Migrant, Bengali

TG, Bengali

Trucker Poster, Bengali

Power point presentation: "Basics of HIV/AIDS, along with a brief outline of PPTCT program" Click

Hoarding samples for Migrants to be displayed at Migrant Health Camps

Hoarding 1

Hoarding 2

Hoarding 3

Hoarding 4

Hoarding 5

Hoarding 6

Hoarding 7

Hoarding 8

Services being provided to public by WBSAP&CS: Flyer Click
Bengali Leaflet regarding ANC - 'Ami tomader Buladi Bolchhi'

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Posters ART PPTCT Stigma ICTC Click

Blood safety leaflet( Bengali )


Blood safety leaflet( Hindi )


General Leaflet (Bengali/ Hindi/ English)                           


Leaflet regarding Migrant Campaign 


Song on the occasion of ‘World AIDS Day – 2010’ (Audio-Visual)


Song on the occasion of ‘World AIDS Day – 2010’ (Audio)


Song on HIV/AIDS involving celebrities of West Bengal


‘Addrisso Atotayi’: a short documentary produced by WBSAP&CS

Audio Jingle for Radio: June 2015 Click
AUDIO JINGLE for Radio - 2017 Click
Flip Chart: PPTCT  Click
Flip Chart: ICTC Click
Flip Chart: STI/RTI Management Click
PPTCT Leflets Click
PPTCT Poster 1 Click
PPTCT Poster 2 Click
PPTCT Ten point counselling Click
Consolidated EID Algorithm Click
PPTCT Folw Chart Click
Post Exposure Prophylaxis Click
General leaflet( updated) - Bengali / Hindi Click